Do you, too, write creatively? Looking for a good market to submit your stuff to?  I've got that!  Check out Ink Monkey Mag and Blots Zine today!  Also, see what special projects we're currently undertaking...

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Writers, please use Duotrope to keep track of all poetry and fiction submissions that you've made. Not only is it the most valuable resource you will ever come across, your input helps small magazines stay in the game.

Duotrope's Digest: search for short fiction & poetry markets

Three Shared Paths Blog...

Visit three women as they go through life, love and everything else, creatively of course...


Here I am at an autograph signing for my incredibly talented (and New York Times Bestselling) author friend Eric Wilson, and people are asking me to hold Ink Monkey up for a photo.  That's okay.  Eric's clearly in the background busy with somebody else, anyway. :) 


The Ashtabula GLBT Outreach Alliance.  

Don't wait.  Get help.  

You don't need to live in Ashtabula County, Ohio to use our crisis services.


The only not-mine literary project that I stand behind is Smash Cake Magazine and Smash Cake Press.   They're run by Tracy Lucas, and she's incredible at what she does.   Check her out!

Smash Cake Press
Home of Smash Cake Mag and the incredible Hook Book

Ding Dong, Avon Calling!

Want the quality and selection that only Avon can provide delivered right to your door?  I can do that!



Need help with weightloss or nutrition?  My family's been involved Visalus for the last six months.  It's not a fad diet, you don't have to restrict yourself or count calories or use some weird mathematical formula to figure out how a food fits in.  This is a shake-based nutritional supplement, guaranteed to give you 100% of your daily nutrients with just one shake a day.  For weightloss, use two shakes a day.   If you're even considering anything of this type, please check out the link below:
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