Is this thing on? Can you hear me??????

Oh.  You can.  Good.  

So what is this section about?  Well, basically, it's my call to you to help me out.  You see, if it's posted here, I need help with it in some way.   Maybe I'm editing an anthology or seeking details for a project that I need a stranger's help with.  No matter what it is, I'll post details here. 

If you see it, please follow submission guidelines.  They'll be posted here as well.  Thanks in advance!


Quite possibly the coolest project I have ever done.  Postcards asks random strangers to send me a postcard.  Please note the following criteria MUST be followed.

* Postcard must be of a *location* of some kind, although how specific is up to you.

* The back must include the NAME, AGE and GENDER of a character

* Also, include a couple sentences about the character that you are giving me.  

I will then use the location as the setting of my story, and the character as one of the more important characters.  I promise to write a minimum of 500 words about each of the postcards that are sent to me.

You may send your postcard to:  Mandi M. Lynch - BOX 864 - Mt. Juliet, TN 37121 - USA

There is no deadline, and there is no limit to the number of postcards that you send.  I thank you in advance for your help.

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