Office of Letters and Light


September 2006-2011


March 2007-2011 


     March 2008 - ?

Nashville Writers' Meetup Group

     October 2007 - 2011

Ink Monkey Magazine, etc

     March 2009 - ?


Sorta Big Screen

Appeared in the movie Dead Start by local writer/director George Demmick as zombie #546 (or something like that)  The picture to the right is a publicity still from shooting day.  The guy in the very center with the hat is George.  Look straight back all the way and then about 1/2"-1" to the right.  There's a gap where there aren't any heads, and then there's me, in a black shirt, next to my friend Nikki in a red shirt. 

(I have also appeared in full zombie makeup for World Zombie Day - 10.10.10 - in Downtown Nashville.)

Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy for the Nashville Region.

  • organize write ins for several hundred people
  • send motivational emails to over 1100 readers
  • encourage and help writers reach their noveling and/or scripting goals - 50k in Nov/100 pages in April
  • Plan weekly write-ins during the year - not just during OLL programming.
  • Organize and run a book drive to raise funds for the OLL
  • Hold regular fundraising events - The ESR (Evening of Scribbling Recklessly) in November and the ASC (Afternoon of Scripting Crazily) in April

Organize and participate in the National Novel Editing Month program in March of each year for the Tennessee region

Assistant-Organizer for the group
  • Run monthly mystery/suspense group
  • Run monthly science fiction/fantasy group
  • Assistant Editor of group anthology
  • On sub-committee for festivals, etc.
  • Attend Monthly fiction group
  • also sometimes attend novelist group, speakers series, special events
  • Help organize/run booth for the Southern Festival of Books
  • Plan special events, such as creative hikes, social nights, etc.

Editor, Creative Head, Layout Guru, Final Decision Maker, Photographer, etc., for Ink Monkey Mag, Blots, Blots Presents:.
  • read over submissions
  • send acceptance and rejection letters
  • complete magazine by making layout, etc.
  • photo shoots with Minkey (our cover monkey), and "assistance" with end column.  
  • full layout for blots, and blots presents:, including all design
  • make title images
  • either create or chose internal photography layouts for each issue

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