You have found the creative site of Mandi M. Lynch, writer, photographer, and more!  

You'll find links across the top of this page to take you to my blog, creative resume, a few choice pieces of fiction and poetry and whatever else I so desire to put up.  

You'll also find a page to show you some of the creative services that I can offer, a list of projects in the works that are actively seeking submissions, and links to other projects of mine.  

Just bear in mind... this is a creative site, run by a creative person.  That's both good and bad at the same time.  Good, because it will be full of awesome and win.  But Bad because I may never get it all finished. 

I promise that there won't be any broken links, but there may always be gaping holes and promised content that you can't quite see.  Like I said, bear with me.

But please, enjoy yourself!  Any questions or comments can be sent to me at mailto:mandi.m.lynch@gmail.com...

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